Perhaps it is true that we are weak. Perhaps we are not wise or mighty. But when God works through us, no one and nothing can stand against us.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “Four Titles,” Ensign, May 2013, 61

How many of us have someone or something fighting against us? A few perhaps. However, I think most of us are fighting against our own limitations: time, physical abilities, fear, bad habits or addictive behavior. I think these are our biggest obstacles in life. Do we take the time to allow God to work through us when we are battling these limitations?

One of my biggest limitations is physical fatigue. My physical weakness is worse on days where I have not slept well the night before. When I get out of bed feelings as exhausted as I did when I got in it, I tend to become discouraged and cranky. As I read through this quote again this morning, I realized that I had failed to pray this morning. I missed an opportunity to ask God to work through me, ask Him to compensate for my weakness. Of course, I will remedy the situation as soon as possible.