Earlier this summer while at our local Recreation center, I noticed a woman who looked very familiar to me. However, I couldn’t remember where I knew her from until a couple days later. I realized that she was Katherine Audi. She had been my daughter’s Resource Teacher and Case Worker (Special Education) many years ago.

When my daughter was her student, I was really naïve about how Special Education worked. I learned the hard way when my daughter reached middle school. While compiling my daughter’s records, I noticed that this resource teacher had done an amazing job. Now that I knew what a resource teacher was supposed to do, I could tell from all the paperwork she had given me that she had not only met the requirements, but had exceeded them. At the time, I regretted that I had no way to express my appreciation to her because I had no idea how to contact her. I felt this regret again years later when I finally placed a name to the familiar face I had seen at the gym.

On Labor Day, I took my kids swimming for the last time this summer. Our pass to the recreation center would expire the next day and most likely we would not return until the following summer. Before we left, my younger girls wanted to finish the snacks they had packed. We sat on a bench outside the front door while they ate. The Rec center would close in half an hour.

Not long after we sat down, Mrs. Audi approached. I was able to get her attention. Finally, after all these years, I was able to compliment her on the thorough job she had done. I was also able to tell her about my daughter’s remarkable progress (much to my daughter’s embarrassment. She was sitting with us). When my daughter was in Mrs. Audi’s class, her reading level was two years below grade level. Now, her reading level is a year ahead. I was able to tell Mrs. Audi that her efforts contributed to my daughter’s success.

I’m grateful for this tender mercy, for the opportunity to compliment this woman for her diligence. I had not even prayed for this opportunity. It was just a desire I had in my heart. The Lord granted me this desire even though I had not even asked for it. And, I was able to brighten someone’s day.