Every trial and experience you have passed through is necessary for your salvation.
Brigham Young

I remember the first time I heard this quote. I was sitting in a dark chapel listening to the leaders of my church speak in General Conference almost ten years ago. The reason why I can distinctly remember where I was when I heard these words is because they really touched my heart. At the time, I was going through some frustrating trials that seemed to have no value to me.

I hate waste of any kind, but I especially hate it when I feel that I have wasted my strength, and that the things I have done have no value. President Young’s statement taught me that everything I do, everything that happens to me is necessary and therefore nothing is wasted. Even my suffering has value. I’m not experiencing the pain I do for nothing.

This quote also helped me to understand my Father in Heaven a little better. Because He only allows me to endure the trials that are absolutely necessary, I am reminded of just how much He loves me. He really does love me in the same way I love my children. I would do anything I could to shield them from unnecessary pain. I feel closer to God when I realize He would do the same. The fact that He does this for everyone who seeks to follow His will, reminds me of just how powerful He really is. That must be a lot of people and yet He is in the details of their lives.

Unfortunately, I forgot about President Young’s comforting statement, until I read it in President Uchtdorf’s message in September’s Ensign (http://www.lds.org/ensign/2013/09/saints-for-all-seasons?lang=eng). Again, this statement brought me peace, this time for a slightly different reason.

Lately, I had been caught up in distorted thought processes. I felt that I was experiencing trials because of choices another person had made—choices I didn’t agree with. I was angry at this person, and murmured because I felt my trials were unfair and could have been prevented. President Young’s statement freed me from the blame game. I know I’m going through these trials because I need to, not because someone else made some bad choices.

Now, I just need to figure out why I need these trials.