I recently introduced a friend to my Addiction Recovery Program meeting, a twelve step program that is offered through my church. After attending a meeting and looking through the manual, she gave me some wonderful feedback that I would like to share:

Thank you so much for the idea and the motivation and support to start addiction recovery program. There are very powerful messages. It also gives me an idea of where to start to get into my mind and soul and start cleaning things out. Have you ever had to clean out a garage and just didn’t know where to start? It seems so over whelming, so you close the garage door and lock it up and find an excuse to do it later. Then you finally get the courage to do it and you open up the first box and find things you forgot about. Some good. Some bad. Some indifferent. Some things so specific you pull it out and hold it and go back to that exact memory.

I like how she compared the program to cleaning because that’s really what the program can do. Help you clean out whatever you don’t want in your life any more, including painful memories. The Program doesn’t cause you to forget these painful memories, but it heals you for the memories no longer hurt.